Keeping tabs on current news for our business model is somewhat hard, but luckily online comic producers of all ranks are rabidly protective of each other, and this warning has spread like wildfire.

Kris Straub, creator of several different genre comic strips has produced a proper essay about the site here. I highly recommend reading this thoroughly not only as creators ourselves, but to protect you as a satisfied consumer of free content anywhere.

Kris’ statement about the website is whole-heartedly backed by the people behind this site. We are, in no way associated with Kachingle, nor would we ever be. If you find they have provided a profile to our site, they are collecting money without our consent, and if we were going to accept donations in any format, you would have that option directly on our site.

Our pride and joy is in providing this free content to you. We have monetary options available to us, so do not think we need a middleman engaging our readers to donate. Our community need only keep coming back, and spreading the word about us to give the most they can give.

Thank you for reading, and if you catch Kachingle, or any other donation site, collecting for us, drop me a line at our site email.